What Do Corporate Learners Really Want from Training?

Posted by Cortney Peters on Nov 21, 2015 1:30:00 PM

XanEdu recently conducted a survey of corporate employees that revealed common trends, learning preferences, and general preferences of today’s learners. Overall, we found two compelling takeaways:


  • Learners WANT and EXPECT to be trained and will do whatever it takes to learn work-related information
  •  Learners WANT and EXPECT flexibility in how they consume their training materials.


We discovered a powerful link between training opportunity and job satisfaction.


Learners have a strong desire for ongoing learning and development. 67% of learners say learning opportunities by their employer increases their overall job satisfaction.

To drive this point home even further, our learner respondents said that of all their ongoing training opportunities 61% were initiated by the employee and only 39% was required by their employer.


We tapped into learning styles of our respondents as well.


Generational differences made a slight impact on the learning styles of these respondents. For example, 49% of Millennials consider themselves “hands-on” learners, whereas only 42% of Gen X’ers and 33% of Baby Boomers reported the same.


Of all the respondents, about 40% preferred collaborative learning experiences across the three generations.


Corporate learners have strong preferences for how they wish to consume training materials.


When asked how learners prefer to access their training materials 30% still prefer print, but an overwhelming 70% prefer digital and mobile access. Further, a whopping 94% say it is either important or extremely important that digital access accompany their printed training materials. Among the Millennial respondents alone that number is 99%!


From this data it is easily understood that learners prefer flexibility to consume their materials. This leads us to believe it’s based on situational preference. For example, a learner may prefer a printed document to consult over their morning coffee, but would rather have mobile access when they’re on the road. It makes sense that our general body of learners would want all three methods of access (mobile, web, print) based on their circumstantial and situational need.

Now to revisit the underlying question behind this post- what do corporate learners really want from their training? They want continuous training opportunities and flexibility to consume their materials how and when they want.


To review the entirety of the data, download our Survey Infographic.



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