Statistics About Technology Improving Training Outcomes and Employee Productivity

Posted by Cortney Peters on Sep 25, 2015 3:26:14 PM


Technology Improves Training

Technology has become an integral part of learning not only in education settings, but also corporate training and development; and, for good reason. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most powerful statistics from reliable sources that demonstrate how technology improves overall training outcomes and increases employee productivity once trainees transition into their work roles.

eLearning (electronic learning) is now the second most important training method within organizations globally.


eLearning can shorten classroom training by 25 to 60 percent, which presents an obvious draw for companies looking to reduce their training expenses.


72% of 600 companies surveyed said technology helped their business better and more quickly adapt to change, according to a Towards Maturity survey.


77% of U.S. companies offer training online to improve employee professional development.


42% of leading learning companies say online/virtual learning has increased their revenue.


As much as 18% of all training is now delivered via mobile devices. Astoundingly, 74 % of the population use their mobile devices for eLearning.


91% of leaders in learning and development believe that technology will enable quicker responses to changes in organization development and business conditions.


Only 31% of companies have enough staff to develop digital training content in-house. This speaks to the benefit of employing digital software that requires no re-authoring.


By 2016, almost ALL (98%) organizations are expected to be using video in some way as a part of their training strategy.


Among SMBs using tablets for business: 97% say anytime, anywhere access to data and applications makes employees more effective. Also, 83% indicated business applications and data available on smartphones has a mid-to-high level of impact on their business.


These 2015 statistics say it all: Technology is now vital to the way we absorb information and learn. We continue to see a 13% year over year increase in technology adoption rate for companies all over the world. Hang on to your tech, folks! It’s working!

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