Prepare Your Training Program According to the “5 Moments of Need”

Posted by Heather Lantz on Sep 4, 2015 3:14:08 PM

Performance Support

Many organizations can get stuck into a formal training paradigm, in which the goal for learning ends when structured training sessions do. However, learners don’t always perform at their best after instructor-led training ends if they don’t have any materials to easily reference.

According to the “5 Moments of Need” model, developed by Conrad Gottfredson, we need to be able to support our learners when and where they need it most.  If the objective of training is to help people perform well in their job role, then we need to identify what their most critical learning moments are. Gottfredson’s model breaks these moments down into five areas:

  1. When learning to do something new or for the first time. 
  2. When learning more about something.

These moments typically happen during the initial instructor-led training sessions and tend to be a primary focus for L & D professionals.

But what about after Instructor Led Training?  Your learners will continue to have questions and want to seek answers to on-the-job issues.   These may not be formal training opportunities, but they are critical to supporting your employees in their roles.

  1. When trying to remember and apply what has been learned.
  2. When something changes.
  3. When something goes wrong, or there is a problem.

This is where we transition from structured training to “performance support,” or “in-the-job training.” Having training materials available to reference during the last 3 moments of need is crucial to ensuring a well-equipped workforce. 


During the first and second stages, the learner needs training in the form of eLearning, instructor-led training or on-the-job coaching.  During the last three moments, a learner is no longer in need of formal training, but they need performance support ensuring they can perform job duties properly.


A great way to provide performance support for the last 3 moments is by making the same training materials that were used in training available during the moment of need, in the format learners prefer, and enabling search capabilities to make it seamless.


At each moment of need, the learner’s experience would be optimized with the option of using portable, searchable, annotatable devices.  Rather than relying on cumbersome printed materials, Electronic Performance Support (EPS) provides access to the learner wherever they are when they encounter the problem or change.

Overall, being supportive of your learners during any stage of need is a key way to ensure they will perform their job to the best of their ability, at any time.


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