Just-in-Time Learning is Your Employees’ Performance Support Ally

Posted by Cortney Peters on Nov 18, 2015 6:20:00 PM

Just-in-Time Learning Helps Business

Are your employees using their training materials after ILT courses conclude?


Normally, the training guides or binders that accompany instructor-led training courses are trapped in print, and not readily available when employees attempt to recall that information on-the-job. Opportunities to answer questions or solve problems in a workday are minimized when learners cannot access their materials for reference during that vital time of need.


If you offer mobile and digital access to your training content, you are providing “just-in-time” learning for your employees to rely on during critical need. This turns a cell phone or tablet into an instant resource for quick referencing, that is on-hand whenever and wherever your employees need them.

The way we think about “just-in-time” learning is that it’s addressing an opportunity to offer your employees instant performance support. Web, tablet or smartphone delivery is the best way to access anything you want, easily and immediately, which is how training materials should be available. Accessing training materials happens easily via web, tablet or smartphone and makes problem-solving immediate.


Imagine if your training materials could live on as reference guides for your employees to source during their critical moments of need; wherever they are, whenever they want.


Offering your employees the flexibility to choose which delivery method they prefer to consume their materials makes for a more effective, dynamic, and successful workforce. If you were able to offer not only print-on-demand training materials, but also a web and mobile solution to your training materials, your learners would benefit.


In fact, 94% of all learners say that it is important or extremely important to have digital access to training materials on a laptop, desktop or mobile to accompany print-based training materials. That number was 99% for the Millennials surveyed! (If you haven’t seen our Generational Learner Survey Infographic, download it here!)


Flexibility is key with the current and future workforce. Are your training materials nimble?


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