How Long Does It Take to Create Your Own eBook?

Posted by Cortney Peters on May 13, 2016 5:47:21 PM


Have you ever wondered what it would cost or how much time it would take to create your own eBook? You probably have many pieces of content trapped in various formats that you might want to combine to make a usable resource.


Take for instance, your corporate training. We’d be willing to bet you have hundreds of pieces of content to use for training, whether it’s articles, self-authored materials, manuals, and more. But where do they live when they aren’t being used?

Many companies still keep their training materials locked solely in print, which is difficult to access and hard to find information out of when users need it. Not only that, but updates are a huge problem because every update and change requires re-printing, costing large sums of time and money.


Consideration of the eBook option will be increasingly appealing to many organizations because only-print leaves much to be desired in today’s modern world.


If you’re considering producing your own eBooks and are concerned about time and financial resources, solutions do exist. The Nimble platform allows users to mix-and-match content pieces, without any re-authoring of content. Simply upload any file format you may have (PDF, PPT, EX, etc.) into the platform and arrange it in whatever way you wish.


After that, seamlessly and securely distribute the information to users. Have an update? No problem. Just replace the old content and it will automatically sync to every user on every device.


Creating your own eBook can be as quick and easy as uploading a picture to a social media site. It depends on how much content you have, but it’s a simple process all-around.


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