Help Your Employees Retain Their College Skillsets to Drive Their Engagement

Posted by Cortney Peters on Oct 1, 2015 2:30:00 PM
Engaging new hires

Recently, I came across a press release that details the findings of a survey conducted by Fullbridge, Inc., an education technology company with a focus on new hire and college graduate success. The survey polled the opinions of 319 executives in high-producing companies throughout the nation, and from their findings they developed many inferences about the college graduates’ transition into the workforce.


The survey found that 27 percent of the executives believe that within two weeks they can determine whether or not an employee is going to be successful in their role. Over 75 percent believed this was apparent within the first three months. It goes without saying that skills developed prior to entering the workforce are critical to the individual success of each employee.


Additionally, the survey found that the executives were four times more likely to choose a candidate with related experience such as internships, over a high college grade point average. Once again this statistic lends to the importance of skills development in college, as opposed to solely focusing on academic valor.


These findings prove that for students to be successful as employees right out of college, they must be able to provide a certain set of skills. So what skills are critical? Self-motivation, problem-solving, and teamwork rank highly among employers.

According to Fullbridge’s findings, employees’ skill sets can also determine their engagement level upon entering the workforce. The executives surveyed all had their idea about which skills lead to employee engagement, so there was no clear-cut winner. But among the executive’s answers nearly a quarter believe internal motivation is the key to engaged employees, 21 percent think it’s problem-solving, about 15 percent each believe it’s commitment to a company’s success or a positive attitude.


Two of the important skills for engagement are also those that employers seek when hiring- which is not a coincidence. Employers seek these specific skill sets because candidates with these skills are more likely to be engaged and therefore, successful.


Here at XanEdu, we research, think and often discuss what it takes to get employees truly engaged in their positions, and to keep them that way for the long-term. One key to engaging employees that we truly believe in is access to ongoing training and professional development. Performance support is a critical way to show you are committed to and invested in that employees’ success. When they are prepared and know they have the support of their employer, they are more likely to be engaged. And thanks to the findings of Fullbridge, we can clearly see that engagement correlates with success.


Giving your employees access to ongoing performance support such as reference materials and professional development opportunities, makes you more successful in retaining your employees’ college-acquired skills, and to engaging them in their new roles.

Remember, to engage your employees you must discover what their inner motivation is and expand on that. If they long for more opportunities to learn and develop their skills, that’s exactly what they need to be successful.


Thank you to Fullbridge, Inc. for conducting the survey full of great information and useful statistics!

Sources: “Fullbridge Survey Finds Entry-Level Hires Have Less Than Two Weeks to Prove Themselves” by Fullbridge, Inc. via PR Newswire: ; “The 10 Skills Employers Most Want in 2015 Graduates” by Susan Adams,

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