Survey Explores Generational Differences in Workplace Learning Preferences

Posted by Heather Lantz on Nov 3, 2015 12:14:14 PM

Generational Differences Affect Training

Chances are in your organization you have employees ranging from fresh out of college to nearing retirement, and they all expect different things out of their employer. Have you ever wondered what sorts of generational differences affect the effectiveness of your training tactics? Or have you considered asking what each generation actually wants from performance support or ongoing training tools? In the busy rush of day-to-day life that’s probably the last thing on your mind, so we went ahead and asked corporate learners for you.

We recently conducted a survey that discovered many surprising generational trends in corporate training and learning preferences. This data shows several important patterns about the way corporate learners want and expect to train. Overall corporate learners want and expect training materials delivered in a variety of formats and want to access materials via print, web and mobile.

Traditionally, training was something the employer provided to ensure their employees are update with the latest company information and equipped to perform in their jobs. Today, it is more often seen as a self-propellant for learners into a productive fast track, therefore they want ongoing training more than ever. In fact, 61% of training is self-directed and self-initiated by learners, while only 39% is required by and deliverd by the employer.

 So, what about the way in which the materials are accessed by learners? If you’re still under the assumption that learners want printed materials, you’re partly right. 30% of learners DO want printed materials. This all depends on which stage of learning they’re in, for instructor-led courses it can be useful to have print materials to consult. But what about after the class and the rest of their moments of need? Well, even if your learners do want printed materials 94% of all learners expect digital access to accompany their printed materials!

 One of the trends from the data is just that. Even if your learners still want printed materials, they also want digital access. This was even more true for your younger professionals. 99% of our Millennial respondents expect digital to accompany print!

 There are many other surprising trends about corporate learning and training that were revealed in our survey. We noticed many generational shifts as well as developing learning preferences that will increase over the years. For the detailed data from our corporate learning survey, get our infographic “Corporate Learner Survey Reveals Surprising Generational Trends."

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