6 Ways to Make Your Online Training More Effective

Posted by Cortney Peters on Jul 5, 2016 12:28:50 PM

Make training more effective

There is a developing shift of focus for companies large and small all over the nation. The shift is a growing emphasis and focus on the training and learning/development of employees. The result of fully-prepared employees is proving lucrative in more than one way, making training, online training, in particular, a hot topic in the corporate world. Companies continue to spend massive amounts of budget on their employee training, but without implementing reporting or analytics to understand if and how the information is being used/applied to the job.


While the idea of ongoing training seems like something that is easy to implement, it can be difficult to track and analyze consumption, among other issues. To make your online training program more efficient, try these six tips for better reaching your employees and helping to prove the ROI of your training and more.

  1. Make sure your online training is easy to navigate. There’s nothing more frustrating than having the firm intent and drive to complete ongoing training but then getting lost in the formatting. Make sure your training is easy to access and navigate so that users don’t have to spend more time than necessary just setting up for training. Make everything available all in one spot, and offer other ways to access it as well so that trainers have multiple ways to get to their training.


  1. It has to be available in multiple formats. In our digital world, your training has got to be available in various formats, especially mobile. Opening a browser on a phone that is not mobile-enabled does NOT count as having a mobile delivery. It works best via a native app, and must be accessible by the most common devices like tablets, desktops, and of course mobile devices. If you aren’t offering multiple formats and delivery options for learners to access their content, then you are missing out on opportunities to provide instant performance support to your workforce.


  1. Make sure your training is designed around your company’s branding. Believe it or not, keeping design and branding consistent throughout every document, including internal, is the best way to generate brand pride and encourage consistency. Make sure you take the same care and time to design your internal documents (including your training program) as you do external, client-facing materials. For more information on how to do this, check out another blog post here.


  1. Try gamification within your training modules. Whether you’ve already jumped on the gamification bandwagon or not, it’s an undeniable feature when it comes to ongoing training. Leaderboards, badges, and ranking systems might seem out of place, but they help encourage your learners to take training more seriously and competitively. A little healthy competition is good for your employees and will ensure they are better learners because of it. Employ some gamification tactics within your online training program and you’ll probably see a change in your employees will learn.


  1. Break down the information into absorbable “chunks”. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we’re trying to learn something but just have too much information to sort through. Don’t let this be your learners. Provide them with digestible “bite-sized” chunks of information, so that they can quickly and easily search and find what they are looking for. This aids performance support greatly and helps your employees during their greatest moments of need.


  1. Make sure you have inherent analytics and reporting. Your learners could be excelling beyond your wildest dreams, but without the data and reporting to prove it, it can go unnoticed. Make sure you have analytics built into your training system, so you can be sure you know how to prove your learners are learning and prove the ROI of your training investment. This is a huge part of the process that is often left out. Don’t forget about analytics! Without the data, you will continue to spin your online training wheels to no avail. 


Give your online training program longevity and strength by adding these six tips into your program. You’ll be able to sit back and watch as your employee performance increases.

 “5 Tips to Make Your Online Training Stand Out,” by Steve Penfold, trainingindustry.com.

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