6 TED Talks Every Learning & Development Professional Should Watch

Posted by Heather Lantz on Sep 1, 2015 2:07:00 PM


If you're in the Learning and Development world, it's important to stay in tune with a plethora of professional resources. TED Talks are a great resource no matter what industry or position you're in, because they have something for everyone.

We've sorted through and gathered 6 TED talks that are a must for L&D pros, to make the search for great resources a little easier. Collectively, these specific TED Talks have over 17 million views! If you haven't already watched these, we highly recommend that you do. 

1. "How to Manage for Collective Creativity" by Linda Hill.

Summary: Arm yourself with tools and tactics to keep great ideas flowing from your workforce.


2. "The Workforce Crisis of 2030- and How to Start Solving it Now" by Rainer Strack.

Summary: Prepare for the future by developing internal structure that is steady enough for the long haul. 


3. "As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify" by Yves Morieux. 

Summary: Smart simplification of the complex job world. 


4. "The Key to Success? Grit" by Angela Lee Duckworth.

Summary: "Grit" explained as a prerequisite of success in learning and work. 


5. "A New Kind of Job Market" by Wingham Rowan. 

Summary: Start adapting to the new, more flexible job market. 


6. "What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?" by Dan Ariely. 

Summary: Two eye-opening experiments overviewed that review our motivations to work.


TED Talks are often a source of immense insight for our team and are a great resource to tap into when you need some extra inspiration or guidance. We hope these serve you well in your roles for many times to come! 


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