5 Ways to Encourage Employee Retention with Training Methods

Posted by Cortney Peters on Nov 25, 2015 3:02:49 PM


One of the biggest focuses of any company is the hiring and even more importantly, the retaining, of top-notch talent. People have come up with many ways to retain the talent that they work so hard to find, and there are some ways that are obvious like great pay, benefits, and flexible scheduling.


But have you ever considered the impact that your training program could have on retention? Maybe not, since sometimes it doesn’t seem like training is highly-regarded by your employees, but we’re here to tell you that it is.  67% of learners say that employer-provided learning opportunities are either important or extremely important to their overall job satisfaction.


Beyond that, over 61% of work-related training is initiated by the employees, whereas only 39% was required by the employer. This proves once again that employees want and expect to have workplace learning opportunities frequently and to promote their overall job satisfaction.


Since corporate learning plays such an important role in job satisfaction, we’ve developed a list of 5 training ideas that will have a positive effect on retention.

  • Benchmark mapping. From the very start of employment, mapping out the objectives and goals of your employees is extremely important. Make sure that supervisors and employees work together to build a realistic and achievable benchmark map that lays out employee expectations from the get-go. This sort of planning is often used during training to ensure employees hit every part of the information they need to, and the idea can then carry on into the actual job. If your employees know exactly what’s expected of them and what goals they’re working toward, they will be more satisfied in their role.
  • Mentorship system. This has been proven as a great training tactic because it allows employees to see their job from another’s perspective. It provides an ally who can share experiences and advice based on what they have already learned in the job. Providing every employee with a mentor, and then once they reach tenure turning them into the mentor, is a great way to encourage job ownership and satisfaction.
  • Flexible training materials. During training, it is extremely important to offer your employees the ability to access their training materials in any way they prefer. Sometimes people like print, other times they reach for a laptop or mobile device to answer a question or solve a problem quickly. Extending this benefit to your employees even after training is a great way to keep them happy since they have performance support at their fingertips whenever they need it.
  • Ongoing training opportunities. A great way to show your investment in your employees is to offer them ongoing training opportunities. Statistics shows that learning lends to overall job satisfaction, so it only makes sense that providing ongoing training and learning opportunities will lead to better employee retention. That conference you’ve been considering or the speaker you thought your staff would love will make a great statement to your employees that you’re invested in their success.
  • Reference materials. Along the same vein as bullet number 3, providing your employees with reference materials that allow them to solve problems quickly will increase their performance and satisfaction on the job. Reference materials provide quick performance support that can make the difference between success and failure in your learners’ critical moments of need. If you offer mobile delivery of your training materials, you have already given your employees a leg-up to easily search and find the information they need, right when they need it.

Applying these common training tactics and others can provide your employees with the job satisfaction that keeps them motivated for the long-run. If you’re focused on employee retention, remember that a high salary and fancy benefits aren’t everything; success and productivity are just as important motivators to retention. Focus on providing your employees with lifelong learning, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many stick around for the long haul.

 Corporate Learner Survey : Infographic

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Corporate Learner Survey : Infographic
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