5 of the Most Socially-Shared L & D Blogs

Posted by Cortney Peters on Dec 17, 2015 3:05:47 PM


Every L&D professional can benefit from collaboration and advice that comes from within their own industry, which is why we love to suggest resources to faciliate it. We've shared great podcasts, Ted Talks, and webinars, and even some great blog posts, and now we're here to share five of the most socially shared blogs in learning and development. These blogs receive thousands of view per month and rate high for effective and useful information. 

1. "Learning in the Modern Workplace"

Jane Hart is an international speaker and writer of topics like modern approaches to corporate learning. Her blog gets tens of thousands of views every month. 




2. "Julian Stodd's Learning Blog"

Julian's creative and personal tone paired with his thought provoking ideas about learning in the workplace and leadership make his blog a great resource for L&D pros everywhere. 




3. "Bottom Line Performance Blog"

This learning and development company has great insights about corporate learning based on their first-hand experiences and advice. 




4. "Adapting to Perpetual Beta" 

Harold Jarche shares book reviews, L&D discoveries, and his innovative thinking to make for an informative learning blog. 




5. "Elearning Feeds" 

Elearning Feeds is an awesome place to find insights from learning and technology companies and blogs all over the world. Learning junkies come together to share and learn from one another in this astute collection of articles. 



We hope you enjoy these great blogs and find yourself coming back to them for a dose of inspiration during stressful weeks! 

 Sources: "The 50 Most Socially-Shared Learning and Development Blogs" by Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, cmoe.com. 

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