5 Common Barriers to Effective Corporate Learning

Posted by Cortney Peters on May 24, 2016 2:30:00 PM


While good intention is usually present when it comes to corporate learning and development, execution doesn’t always happen the way we plan. Unforeseen inhibitors can sneak in and make things more difficult for learners and administration. Knowing what barriers exist within corporate training is an important step to overcoming them.


We’ve developed a list of five of the most common barriers to learning and development, so you can spot and solve them before they become a huge problem.


  1. Security and the inability to distribute materials to remote learners. If getting materials into the hands of your remote employees is a struggle, because of format or delivery, then this can really slow your training process down. Not to mention, security of your sensitive materials cannot be controlled once an employee has them in their hands. Security of delivery can be a very touchy subject.


  1. LMS/CMS/Intranet can be a friction point. LMS’s and the like are known for their lengthy implementation times and user integration. This can be a source of stress for learners and administration alike because it’s stressful, time-consuming, and daunting to use.


  1. 3. Learning styles have shifted. Millennials, Gen Xer’s, and Baby Boomers all learn in different ways. As the boomers fade out, and the Millennials fade in, learning tactics that used to work just don’t anymore. IF you’re finding that your learning engagement is decreasing as the Millennials age in, you’re not alone.


  1. 4. Lack of insight into learning retention. How can you determine if your training programs are successful without analytics and reporting? Lack of insight can be a huge problem for learning and development professionals because without it there’s no clear-cut way to prove that training is working. There’s a big difference in employee performance between comprehending and retaining information- without reporting/insights, admin have no idea what’s being retained and what isn’t.


  1. Confirming that field employees have received and consumed the right information. Again, when employees are spread out all over the place, it’s difficult to ensure they all have the information they need. Confirming that field employees not only have their materials but use them and retain the information is a big struggle for many learning and development departments.


Overcoming these barriers can be done with the right tools, but the first step is awareness. If you’re having issues with these areas, consider learning more about platforms, like Nimble, that easily solve these problems.


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