4 Secrets to Engaging Employees During Training

Posted by Cortney Peters on Jul 28, 2015 3:45:00 PM



One of the predominant goals of any company is to recruit and retain high caliber talent and to encourage them to become vested in the company mission. You expect them to be productive in their roles, innovative and insightful, put in the time and effort to be successful- and you expect them to be committed. 

But shockingly, according to an article from Gallup less than 32% of workers in the United States were actually engaged in their jobs in 2014.

The ideal employee is loyal, proactive, professional & creative, but how do they stay this way? When there is a mutual understanding of expectations between employer and employee through proper training.

 So, how can you make your training the most effective it can be? Try these four secrets to engaging employees during training:  

 1)      Make the Move: Go Digital!

Make your training materials accessible through all forms of technology, including smartphones or tablets. This is the direction the world is going, and your future employees have come to expect it. Not only is this a good way for your employees to access training materials anywhere, anytime, but it will also save your company from rising printing costs and allow for customization of material.

 2)      Provide Visual Appeal

It can get tiresome to stare at pages of text during traditional training sessions, so why not break up the content with attention grabbing photos, videos or other visual elements? By simply including a different visual format of your training materials, it will help enhance your trainee’s motivation to learn.

 3)      Self-Paced “DIY” Learning

According to the American Society for Training and Development, once employees begin working after training they lose about 90% of what they had learned, leaving only 10% absorption. Many agree that this is often the case when trainees are given time restraints, which leads to “cramming.” An option to combat this is do-it-yourself training in which trainees can fulfill requirements at their own pace. This style lets your learners actually process the materials when and where they’re ready, and it saves your company both time and money by not having to hold formal training sessions.

 4)      Test the Newfound Knowledge

Provide clever ways to test your trainee’s retention of information by providing quizzes at the end of each section. Employees will then feel obligated to pay closer attention to the content they’re reading. Quizzes also provide executives with the feedback they need to determine if the employees actually grasped the content. This information can be vital to deciding what training content is working and what isn’t.

 These tips offer some great insight into providing training that makes for long-lasting, quality employees. If your training materials aren’t utilizing the aforementioned secrets, there’s no better time than now!


Sources: “Majority of US Employees Not Engaged Despite Gains in 2014” by Amy Adkins, Gallup.com.

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