4 Ideas to Refresh Your Training Program to Engage the Modern Learner

Posted by Jeff Letson on Sep 16, 2015 5:13:55 PM

Engage Your Learners


If you have noticed that your training is becoming less effective over time, it might be time for you to switch things up. Retaining the best talent is difficult to do if you don’t have a great training program. In fact, 40% of employees who receive poor training leave within the first year; don’t let them be your employees!


If your goal is to attract and retain the best talent, then you might need to refresh your training program to engage the modern learner. Try these four ideas to reinvigorate your training to captivate and prepare your learners:

1) Start by aligning your learning objectives with your business objectives. What is the ultimate goal of your training? The answer might seem simple, but it depends on what your company is trying to accomplish overall. Is this a year in which you’re launching a new product, making that the primary focus? Maybe you’re trying to tap into a new market or become a thought leader in your industry- whatever the primary company goal, use it to define your learning objectives. For example, if this were a year in which launching a new product is a focus, you want your new employees to be not only well-versed in the company itself, but also with the mechanics of the new product. It’s important also to consider when your learners need support the most. Consider the “5 Moments of Need” when determining what support your learners need.


2) Always put the learners’ needs first. Your learners are all unique and come from different backgrounds, so start training them like so! Training should never be “one size fits all” because that’s a quick way to disengage a majority of your learners. Analyze your audience, and then customize your training to fit their individual learning styles. Customize not only the materials but also the format, delivery, team exercises and the entire mechanism of the program. By designing your training to fit your learners, instead of the other way around, your employees will have a much clearer understanding of their job role and be more successful overall.


3) Try gamification! You may have heard this term before, and whether it has captured your attention or not, it’s fostering great results in training and learning across the nation. Many people love to play games and to encourage some healthy competition, so why not incorporate that into your training program? Bring some team dynamics into play, perhaps try a ranking system like a leaderboard or any interactivity that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. Your employees will be having fun and learning simultaneously, which means the skills they inherit will be natural not forced.


4) Provide post-training support (AKA performance support). Training should not end when your instructor-led formal sessions do. Ongoing training or what we like to call “in-the-job” training is a must for successful onboarding. Providing performance support at any stage of learning is crucial to fine-tuning your employees’ skill set and knowledge base. If your employees are able to reference their training materials easily and immediately, they are going to be more prepared for their job role. It is your job as the employer to provide your employees with the support they need, when they need it.

The best way to engage your modern learners and to prove ROI with your training is to refresh your training to include these four tips. How you train your employees truly matters when it comes to their ongoing success and fruition with the company. Prepare your learners to be superstar employees by reinvigorating your training to support them along the way.

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