3 Ways to Give Your Employees Content They’ll Actually Use

Posted by Cortney Peters on Jul 29, 2016 5:32:13 PM


You have a lot of great things to share with your employees, most of which help them immensely with their jobs. No matter how useful the content is that you’re trying to share, if it isn’t in the right format or delivered in the right way it isn’t going to get nearly as much use.


But as generations are colliding in the workforce, how can you determine what the “right way” actually is? Based on a survey we conducted last year, we concluded that the current workforce generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials) are split on how they prefer to consume information. But one thing was certain across generations: 94% of our respondents said they expected digital access to accompany printed work materials. Even further, 99% of our Millennial respondents agreed as well. (To download the survey infographic, click here.)


By 2020, 75 percent of your workforce will be Millennials. But the other generations are still there! If you want to give your employees content that they will actually use, there has to be a compromise. When it comes to valuable content, that compromise is known as flexibility.


Here are 3 ways to provide engaging content to your workforce, no matter what generation they fall in.


  1. Accessibility is everything. So what we learned from our survey that stood out the most is that no matter what generation learner, they all expected flexibility of format and delivery of their content. What this teaches us is that having access whenever or wherever the need strikes is essential to aiding the performance of your employees. If you want them to be more successful, give them access to everything they need instantly and from anywhere. That includes providing them with printed options. Combined with digital access, you have nearly the entire workforce satisfied and actually using their material to support their performance.
  2. Don’t live in the past. There’s nothing more frustrating to administrator and user alike then having outdated and irrelevant materials. For the admin, it costs tons of money to reprint and reship training materials for minor updates- so usually the updates wait. With digital access for your learners, you can immediately send updates and they sync across all devices. No more wondering if your team is using the right version- they always are with immediate syncing.
  3. Make it interactive. Thinking back to a time when I was a student, I remember reading pages and pages of words but not really connecting with the message unless I was interested or engaged. As much as people want to do well in their careers and succeed, sometimes the thought of staring at a boring PDF is agonizing. Liven up your materials with interactive elements such as video embeds. Watching a video versus reading pages and pages of text will satisfy the learner more times than not. Plus it makes it easily available when they need it most.

If you really want the message of your training to sink into your learners' brains and work-styles, then you have to give them content that they can use (and that they actually like using).


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