3 Reasons Why Self-Paced Learning Can't Stand Alone in Corporate Training

Posted by Cortney Peters on Jan 14, 2016 11:11:10 AM



Training employees is obviously a critical part of any business, in any industry. Learning is something that should be ongoing throughout the entirety of one's employment, and life in general. Without evolving knowledge we wouldn't have access to the unlimited amount of resources and great minds that we do, and vice versa. 

But, as you know, there are many different types of learning, especially when it comes to corporate training. While self-paced learning is something that continues to generate buzz and excitement, we're here to tell you that self-paced learning just can't teach everything. Because many people are well aware of this, a more blended approach to learning has surfaced that incorporates the best parts of self-paced with the best parts of instructor-led training. 

If you aren't convinced that self-paced can't stand alone, then this article is for you. Discover three reasons that self-paced learning can't stand alone or replace ILT in corporate training. 

1. Self-paced learning isn't meant for mid to complex subjects. Self-paced learning is great when the topics of learning are light, but when we get into more complex subjects it starts to lose effectiveness. If you're trying to use self-paced learning to inscribe sales tactics or complex product details, you are losing your learners in the mix. Complex subjects are best conveyed by an actual person who is experienced in the matter and can answer questions and give examples on the spot. 

2. There is no clear way to ensure the information is retained. While self-paced learning does give the instructor data about the consumption of the material, there is no clearly defined way to ensure the right information is absorbed and applied. This is especially true when it comes to more complex topics because the learner may gather just enough information to complete the course, without having actually retained anything. With ILT, the help and consult of the instructor can ensure the learners are in front of the right information and they have the ability to practice, share examples, and discuss to hone in on key points. 


3. Learners are less motivated and engaged in self-paced. There is no equal replacement for learning from a seasoned instructor in self-paced learning. The learner engagement slips away, they focus merely on completing the course rather than getting the core message from it. Additionally, the learners can become less motivated by a stagnant set of slides than an actual person standing in front of them. Open discussion and the ability to ask questions and immediately have them answered is what motivates and engages learners.

While self-paced learning in conjunction with instructor-led training can undoubtedly help training courses go faster and more smoothly, self-paced learning can definitely not replace the value of an instructor-led course. 


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