3 Keys to Selecting the Best Performance Support Tool for Corporate Training

Posted by Cortney Peters on Nov 2, 2015 12:31:53 PM

 Mobility as Performance Support

The differences between traditional new hire or ongoing training and performance support are evident and clearly defined in our last blog post. Given the differences, the tools you employ to provide your employees with strong performance support is unique to the materials you use in instructor-led training (ILT).


If you currently aren’t using a mobile performance support solution and don’t know where to begin or maybe you have one but aren’t sure that it’s working, we’ve come up with a few guidelines to consider before choosing a mobile performance support solution or switching providers.


How can you select the right solution for performance support? Just make sure it provides these crucial benefits and your learners will be fully supported.

1)    Searchability

Think back to your first training experience. You enter the course room with excitement, anticipation, and readiness, only to have a 3-inch binder loaded with hundreds of pages plopped in front of you. Welcome to training! Here is everything you need to know in this “conveniently” packaged binder. These materials do have everything within them that you need to know about your role, but they are extremely difficult to navigate without guidance.


Once you’ve graduated your training program, you enter your job geared with only your binder to guide you. The problem is, it is challenging to find the bits of information you need in a sea of text and can take a while to search through.


This is why it is highly constructive to enable search to your training materials for performance support. Searchable training materials compare to the ease we find information every day with search engines on the web. Have a question and need the answer fast? Search it.


To enable search, you must provide a digital option. According to a recent XanEdu survey, 93 percent of learners want print AND digital access to their learning materials. More than likely this can be attributed to the moment of need your learners are in when they require their materials. Enabling search to your digital training solution is a huge benefit to your learners’ performance on the job.


2)    Mobility

Mobile delivery of training materials is becoming more and more important to your learners. In the same survey, we found that 64 percent of learners say they would be more likely to use their work materials if they had mobile access. Even further, 52% said they would be able to perform their jobs better if they had mobile access to training materials.


Mobility is a must-have for the coming generations of the workforce because it gives them more access to learning in their moments of need and more frequent opportunities to solve problems as quickly as they arise. Also, it supports their on-the-go and busy lifestyles and makes work more relevant and efficient for your employees.


3)    Security

As an employer, security of company information can be a source of concern and angst. Make sure the performance tool you choose includes built-in employer-set restrictions to not only manage, but control your sensitive information and who sees it.


Distributing PDF’s does work, but there is no telling who can get their eyes on those materials- it just isn’t secure. As you seek a digital, mobile performance support tool, make sure you have maximum control over your materials.

Performance Support is critical to supporting your learners during their five moments of need, but you have to have the right tool to get the job done.

Your learners are expecting a solution that provides both print and digital. Make sure you are providing a solution that delivers content o ensure searchability, mobility and security of your training materials. It’s a win-win for your employees and your organization.

Data Source: Since 1999, XanEdu has been providing course materials to over 10 million learners. XanEdu, Inc. conducted this survey to get a better understanding of generational differences and current/former learner work preferences. The over 600 respondents are current and former learners who have used XanEdu course materials.

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