3 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Labor Day

Posted by Cortney Peters on Sep 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM

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It’s Labor Day yet again, meaning the last weekend of summer BBQs, the unofficial end of summer and a Monday off, for most. But what does Labor Day actually stand for? Labor Day is meant to be a day of rest and relaxation for the hard-working employees in America. It should also be a day to appreciate your coworkers and employees for their devotion to sustaining the economy and prosperity of our country.


However, employee appreciation shouldn’t be reserved for only once a year. There are many ways to show appreciation for your employees all year round, and we’ll use this Labor Day as a jumping off point. Try these 3 ways to let your employees know you appreciate them long after Labor Day is over.

  • Set measurable and achievable goals matched with appropriate rewards. Setting team or individual performance goals is an excellent way to give your employees a sense of purpose in their roles. When they’re working, they’ll know exactly what they’re shooting for. More importantly, as they attain their goals, they also get a sense of opportunity for growth, which is what (almost) every employee is aiming for. To really show your appreciation and to keep goals in clear perspective for your employees, try offering incentives for hitting goals, such as team lunches, gift cards for coffee shops or lunch spots nearby, extended lunch hours, or even personal hours added to their bank.
  • Replace the break-room with an all-out employee lounge. If you have the resources available, setting up a more deluxe version of a break room is a great way to show employee appreciation. Stock it with coffee, water and other refreshments, snacks, a few comfy places to sit, and an overall relaxed vibe to give your employees a rejuvenating place to take a break during a busy workday. These perks may seem small, but they can really make a difference to your hard-working employees. Sometimes, a pick-me-up coffee in the afternoon can do wonders for productivity!
  • Prepare them for anything they may encounter in a workday. After a well-executed instructor-led training course, you may feel that your employees have a good grasp of their position and what’s expected of them in their role. But to ensure that your employees have actually retained the information they learned in instructor-led training, it must be applied and practiced often. This happens by circumstance in a typical workday and by watching coworkers and colleagues, but it should also happen as part of company-wide ongoing training. It’s pivotal that your employees have open access to their training materials at all times. Since lugging a large training binder around isn’t practical, a great solution would be a mobile option in addition to web and print. That would mean your employees could use their materials to reference when in need of performance support.

Showing appreciation to your employees is a great way to develop a loyal workforce. We hope you and yours have a restful and fun Labor Day!


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