3 Benefits of Strong Employer-Employee Relationships to Be Thankful For

Posted by Cortney Peters on Nov 26, 2015 1:30:00 PM


If you have worked hard to develop great relationships with your employees, then that is truly something to be thankful for. Positive relationships between managers and employees can transform a workforce - improving loyalty, productivity, engagement, and as a result employee retention.


Developing a beneficial relationship with your employees is a display of inherent leadership, because it’s a focus on building up the people around you to grow and eventually become leaders themselves. This new idea of leadership that focuses more on collaboration and encouragement than just giving orders, is a key to developing and maintaining strong relationships with your employees.


So what are the benefits of these strong relationships to your organization?

Less conflict, higher morale. When employees are working closely together, conflict is inevitable. By putting a focus on fostering relationships between managers and employees, multiple levels of your organization are on the same page and can more easily resolve conflicts as they happen. With fewer conflicts that are solved more easily, a higher office morale comes naturally. Employees know their voices are heard and respected, and overall are happier and more efficient in their positions.


Help retain top talent. Within this newfound work environment of less conflict, higher morale, and stronger relationships, employee turnover slows down. The environment and culture your employees are working in is more stable, and therefore makes employees feel more comfortable in their jobs. The manager-employee relationship is the base for developing a better overall work culture, that keeps employees happy.


Increased productivity. These strong relationships are vital to not only individual employee productivity, but that of the organization as a whole. A reinforced culture of collaboration, teamwork and mutual motivation, makes employees work smarter and more efficiently. They always have each other and their supervisors to rely on for help, and are therefore better equipped to handle their individual workload.

So you see, if the individual ecosystems within an organization are functioning properly, productively, and with less conflict, the entire company benefits. Be thankful for the benefits provided as a result of your strong employee-employer relationships within your organization.

Sources: “Leveraging the Manager-Employee Relationship to Drive Employee Engagement” by Karen Knox, Corporate Learning Network, corporatelearningnetwork.com.

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